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    Ningbo jingshengyuan environmental protection science and Technology Co., Ltd. is "the Kama Kaima" a professional production and sales of brand of household and commercial pipeline machine, RO reverse osmosis pure water machine, one machine, soft water machine, water purifier, and other large water treatment equipment, environmental protection enterprises.

    Founded in 1996, is located adjacent to the 329 National Road, east of Ningbo port, is located in the world famous small household electrical appliances Town, Cixi, Zhejiang Province, covers an area of 10000 square meters, building area of 20000 square meters, more than 300 employees, after ten years of efforts, has now developed into the home appliance product design, technology research and development, production, manufacture, marketing and service as one of the large-scale private enterprises. In 2006, the company relying on the powerful advantages of home appliance industries, decided to enter the terminal water treatment industry, at the same time to recruit senior industry market research team, investment evaluation of terminal water treatment, visited Hunan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, Shanghai, Beijing and other provinces and cities, in-depth site visit to the terminal water treatment of dealers, to fully understand the terminal water treatment market situation and customer demand, investment in 2007 80 million to enter the terminal water treatment industry, through nearly a year of time to establish, the company developed the five series of more than 50 terminal water treatment products, market-oriented, service of survival, innovation and development, is committed to to do the terminal water treatment industry leader.

    Ningbo Karen environmental science and Technology Co., Ltd. combined with its own and the status quo of the development of the industry, rooted terminal water treatment industry, lay a solid foundation, doing fine. In the internal management of enterprises, the company has set up the internal competition mechanism and comprehensive supervision system, under the administration department, sales department, marketing department, finance department, technology department, R & D department, production department, network information center, human resource center, such as the, the composite type of comprehensive management model, under the guidance of "scientific, standard, standard, reasonable approach, aim at the market, dare to compete, a preemptive, step by step ahead.

    In the operation of the market. Companies adhering to the "product as a character, in good faith for life" business philosophy and "enterprising, innovation, integrity, win-win" spirit of enterprise, adhere to establish advanced corporate values and the correct business philosophy, strengthen quality management, perfecting credit system, "high starting point, fast development", fully integrated industry resources and internal resources, attention terminal water treatment industry marketing services, advocacy of "marketing services, consultant type sales", the elite professional planning, full training and supervising ", correctly guide the development of the market.

    With the terminal water treatment industry, constantly updated, the company developed a create famous brand strategy planning, advancing with the times, efforts to build the core competitiveness of enterprises, products, and marketing; and constantly improve the quality system and product marketing service system, foresight, a comprehensive guide to the terminal water treatment industry development.
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